How to setup Call Tracking

A quick guide to getting Call Tracking setup

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Call Tracking is one of Digsy AI's most powerful features for a few reasons:

  1. You never have to log another phone call manually again

  2. Make a series of calls faster than if you dialed them yourself

  3. Automatically log what happened on the call (Answered, No Answer, Voicemail, etc.)

  4. Quickly make a note or set another Follow Up date


To setup Call Tracking in Digsy AI all you need to do is add a prospect with a phone number. Instead of their phone number, you'll see a call button.

Pick which phone number to call (either mobile or direct).

If you don't have a phone number associated with your account, you'll be prompted to enter one.

Select the phone number you just setup and Digsy AI will prompt you to verify your phone number. Click the "VERIFY MY NUMBER" button...

...and it will prompt you with a unique 6-digit verification code. Digsy AI will give your phone a call and ask you to enter this unique code.

Enter your code and Digsy AI will make your first outbound call for you!

Once the call is done, Digsy AI will prompt you to log the outcome of the call. It'll do its best to automatically figure out the actual outcome of the call (Answered, Voicemail, No Answer, etc.) and let you make a quick note, and set a Follow Up date. In this case, Scott did not answer my call, which was automatically detected. I left a note and set a Follow Up for this Friday:

And that's it! You've setup Digsy AI for Call Tracking and you've made your first call!ย 

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