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Email Integration for G Suite/Gmail Users
Email Integration for G Suite/Gmail Users

Important information for G Suite and Gmail users

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STARTING DEC 31, 2019: If you are a user with a G Suite email and would like to use our email integration feature, you'll need to take steps in order to whitelist Digsy AI before integrating.

Please check the settings below in your Google Admin Console (or contact your G Suite Admin/IT team to check these settings):

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin Console

  2. Go to Security > Settings

  3. Scroll down to API Permissions and click on Trusted Apps

  4. In the Trusted Apps dashboard, click on the + button at the bottom right

  5. Select Web Application for the App Type

  6. It should now appear in the list of whitelisted apps and you should be able to re-integrate your email in Digsy AI.

You can also follow this guide on Google.


For users - 

Unfortunately starting December 31, 2019, due to these Google security updates, we are no longer able to support the syncing of data for free Gmail accounts (emails that end in and any Digsy AI features that utilize Gmail integration which include:

  • Sending emails/mass emails from the Digsy AI email composer

  • Importing contacts from your email

  • Viewing email correspondence in the activity feed

  • Email tracking features

We are still continuing to support data syncing for G Suite emails, Outlook/O365, and Exchange, so you can re-integrate using one of those emails if you have one.

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