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Associating Contacts with a Company
Associating Contacts with a Company

How to link and access your list of contacts that are associated with the same company

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You have this huge database filled with contacts. And, a portion of those contacts probably work within the same company. 

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to see a list of contacts that are within the same company? What about the number of contacts that have the same company? 

Digsy AI allows you to associate contacts with a company. That way you can:

  • See a list of contacts within the same company

  • Easily create and search for the companies you’re working with

Here are the steps to associate your contact(s) to a company:

  1. Click “+ New Prospect

  2. Go to the Company Name

  3. If the company name already exists in your database, simply type the company name to search and select it. To add a new company, type the company name and hit “Enter” with your keyboard.

NOTE: If you currently have contacts that have the same company name in Digsy AI, the system will automatically associate those contacts for you...Yup - we got your back! 😎


How to Find a list of Contacts in the Same Company 

There are multiples ways to find the list of contacts associated with the same company. Here are the ways:

1. Search Bar Type the company name into the Search Bar and Digsy AI will make suggestions on the company, as well as contacts associated with that company. Once you make a selection, Digsy AI will populate a list of contacts within that company.

2. Contact Profile When you click into a Contact Profile, you’ll find the company name (if it’s filled in). The company name is clickable, which will link to the list of contacts.

3. Digsy AI Dashboard If you’re on the Digsy AI Dashboard, the company name will be clickable, which will take you to the list contacts.

4. Search & Filter If you’re using Search & Filter, you’ll be able to type or search for the company name using the dropdown list.


Have questions?  We're here to help! Email Digsy AI’s Client Success team at or simply message us using the blue chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 😄

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