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Interested Prospects and Email Tracking

How to use Digsy AI's Email Tracking to view your email performance and find interested prospects

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Digsy AI’s commercial real estate CRM consists of many email features - one of these include Email Tracking.

With Digsy AI’s Email Tracking feature, you can:

  • View how well your individual emails and email blasts are performing

  • Track the amount of times a contact has opened or replied your email

  • Identify which prospects are interested in your services

This allows you to be more efficient at prospecting and helps you immediately focus on the right prospects to reach out to first.

Here’s a quick and easy-to-implement workflow on how to use Digsy AI’s Email Tracking Feature:


How to Access Email Tracking on Digsy AI

To access the Email Tracking feature, click on the Interested Prospects page at the top right corner of your Digsy AI account, next to your follow-ups.


Once you've clicked on the Interested Prospects tab, you’ll find that Digsy AI prioritizes the prospects that received your email for the past 2 weeks. 

We even take it a step further by categorizing your prospects based on the number of opens and replies into sections. This will help you sift through your leads quicker to help you focus on who to reach out first.

Here are the Interested Prospect Sections:

  • Highly Interested These prospects are the most engaged. They've opened your emails at least 3 times or replied to your email. You should contact your Highly Interested Prospects first.

  • Interested These prospects opened your email twice. You should contact them after you've reached out to your Highly Interested prospects.. 

  • Low/No Interest These prospects have opened your email once or not at all. Reach out to these contacts last.

NOTE: If you notice any prospects with a very high number of views. This possibly means that your email is being forwarded to other people.

Digsy AI will continue to keep track of your emails even after it's been forwarded. This could be an indicator that you have multiple people within an organization that are engaged in the content you emailed. 


View Your Email Performance

To view how well your email marketing campaigns and/or individual emails are performing, click on the Sent Emails section.  You’ll find this right next to the Interested Prospects tab.

This will give you a visual breakdown of all the emails you've sent through Digsy AI and show how your emails are performing. You even have the ability to call prospects or send an email right from this page.

Emails that Need Review or Failed to send

The Sent Emails tab will also show any emails that were bounced, failed to send, or undeliverable. You'll know when an email needs attention by the red marker that pops up on the email tracking summary.

Once you click into the email tracking summary page you'll see the Need Review/Failed To Send tab. You’ll have the ability to simply edit the email address, as well as review and resend emails using this tab.

there are a multitude of reasons why your emails end up in Needs Review/Failed to Send. Here are a few:

  • The email address was incorrect

  • The receiving server is overloaded or temporarily unavailable

  • The receiving mailbox is full

  • The email was blocked by the recipient

  • The recipient has activated an auto-responder or vacation reply

NOTE: Digsy AI's Email Tracking is currently in BETA and we'd love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or thoughts, you can reach out to or simply message us using the blue chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 😄

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