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Tagging Multiple Contacts
Tagging Multiple Contacts

How to quickly group your contacts and search for them using Digsy AI’s tagging feature and search function

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Digsy AI's tagging feature gives you the ability to group and organize your contacts with just a few clicks.

Watch this quick video or read more below to learn how to tag multiple contacts at once.

Now that you've learned how to group your contacts on Digsy AI, Click here to learn how to search for them.

To tag multiple prospects

1. Select the contacts you’d like to tag and click “Add Tags”

2. Click the “+” button to add your tag(s) and hit enter

NOTE: You can manually add tags to your contacts one-by-one directly from the Contact's Profile. Click here to learn how.

To search for prospects containing a specific tag

1.  Hit the “Search & Filter” button on your Digsy AI Dashboard

2. Click the “TAGS” drop down menu

3. Select or type the specific tag you’re searching for

That's it - you now have the power to quickly organize and search your group of contacts!


Have questions?  We're here to help! Email Digsy AI’s Client Success team at or simply message us using the blue chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 😄

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