With Digsy AI's properties feature, you can:

  • Keep tabs of your properties and its details

  • Link your contacts with specific properties, and vice versa

  • Quickly and efficiently search your properties to identify opportunities

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send us a spreadsheet of properties (email it to upload@digsy.ai) or click the “NEW PROPERTY” button to manually add them one-by-one.

2. Once your properties have been uploaded, you can link a Contact or a Prospect with that property.

3. If you click on a Property Contact or Prospect’s name you’ll see a list of all properties associated with them.

4. You can also add and link new properties directly from the Prospect Profile.

Voilà - that’s it! 💥

Want to get access to the Properties feature in your Digsy AI Account?
Simply shoot us an email by using the blue big button below!

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