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How to Export Contacts and Run Reports
How to Export Contacts and Run Reports

Exporting your contacts and running reports on Digsy AI

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Need to run a report and backup your database? You can easily do so by using our built-in export tool.

With the export tool, you can export:

  • all your contacts

  • a variety of lists using the Search Function

Exporting all of your contacts

  1.  Go to the Search Function

2. Once you're inside the Search Function click "SEARCH" to pull up all of your contacts. 

NOTE: Make sure all search fields are empty to access and export all your contacts.

3. Once the list populates, click the export icon (It's the button with a black square and arrow on it).

4. You'll now be prompted to select whether or not you want the last 5 activities included in your export.

5. Click "Export Prospects" and you'll be emailed a link to download your contacts in a .csv file.

Running a report of your contacts

You can create and export a multitude of reports by using any combination of fields in the Search Function. 

1. Go to the Search Function.

2.  Select the search parameters for specific contacts you'd like to export. 

In the example below, we'll be exporting all contacts whose leases expire after November 22, 2017.

3. Once the list populates, click on the export icon to download the report as a CSV file.

NOTE: You can mix and match your search parameters to create as many different reports... the freedom is yours!

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