Import your contacts to Digsy AI

How to import your contacts into Digsy AI

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There are a number of ways to get your contacts into Digsy AI...

1. Send a CSV of contacts you'd like uploaded to

If you already have an existing CSV/spreadsheet of contacts that you'd like uploaded to your Digsy AI account, just email them over to Which leads us to our 2nd method of importing contacts...

2. Have a member of our wonderful Client Success team assist you in exporting your contacts from wherever they currently live

If your contacts are currently in Outlook, Gmail, another CRM such as SalesForce, or anywhere else, just reach out to our Client Success team.  We'll assist you in getting them exported out of their current location, and imported into your Digsy AI account.

3. Import contacts directly from your email account

To import your contacts directly from your integrated email account, click on the "IMPORT CONTACTS OR CARDS" button on the top of your Digsy AI dashboard...

...and select "IMPORT FROM EMAIL" on the left side of the screen.

: You can find more detailed instructions on importing your contacts from your integrated email account here.

4. Manually add contacts one at a time

...and of course, you can always manually add a contact by clicking the "NEW PROSPECT" button on your Digsy AI dashboard


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