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Different stages on your Prospect Dashboard
Different stages on your Prospect Dashboard

What are the different stages in Digsy AI?

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It's super simple to see what stage of the sales process each prospect is in. Here’s a quick description of some of the stages you can move your prospects through.


This stage is for your fresh prospects - the ones you've added by clicking the "New Prospects" button or by sending us a list by clicking the "IMPORT CONTACTS OR CARDS" button. These the prospects that you have not reached out to yet.


After your first phone call, email, or in-person meeting, you’ll want to move the prospect to this stage. Continue reaching out to them until they become sales opportunities or disqualified leads.


This stage is for your sales opportunities. Nurture these leads by continuing the conversation with them until you’re able to schedule a meeting.

Appointment Set

This stage is for the prospects you’ve scheduled an appointment with. Once you've met with them, have an understanding of their needs, and get their business, you can move them the "ACTIVE DEAL" stage.

Active Deal

This stage is for the clients you’re actively working with. These are your greatest opportunities for profit. Stay in front of these clients and make sure they’re happy.

Deal Closed

This stage is for the deals that you’ve closed, and will be receiving payment/commission from. Great job! 😎

Deal Lost

This stage is for the prospects that aren’t interested your services.


This stage is for the prospects you’re not interested in working with. If, for whatever reason, there’s no professional relationship to be had with the prospect, you can move them here.

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